What Our Clients Say

Sarah C.

Founder & CEO, Lean Into Living
“Jeem was such a blessing to my business! I was spinning my wheels at a very high pace and making zero progress. I was dumping money into dead ended marketing strategies. I was lost and in desperate need of a mentor and coach. Jeem’s expertise gave me not only the strategic guidance to get moving but also the clarity around the best direction to take my business in. Jeem was able to give me perspective and wisdom that only someone with decades of entrepreneurial experience could provide. I will be forever grateful.”

Zack S.

CEO, California Special Foods, LLC
“Three months ago, the business was in disarray. Things were already not going well and then COVID really hit us hard. Sales declined significantly. We had experienced a lot of turnover and things had been unraveling. I brought in Jeem to help turn things around. He hired and trained new management. Streamlined our entire operation cutting expenses where we could. Cleaned up our books. Implemented processes to improve workflow and set up systems to enable remote work. That gave us hope and time. And slowly we started to rebuild. Just about every part of our business is doing better now, even with COVID. Sales are growing, employees are excited, and moral has improved a lot! And I can tell my approach to the employees has changed for the better as so much pressure is off my back. Jeem has been working with me to put together a growth plan for the next 5 years. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this business. Its really unbelievable to see how far we’ve come in just a few months.”

Guy T.

Founder & CEO, Labiyeur​
“Our business was losing a lot of profitability on some avoidable practices and expenses. We were too focused on developing sales, even to the detriment of profit. Working with Jeem helped us shift focus towards driving profitable growth. Implementing his recommendations has undoubtedly been a game-changer for our business.”

Hiroyuki S.

CEO, Perroquet, Inc.​

“Jeem has been a tremendous help with our export business. His support was instrumental in helping us to launch the business several years ago. He has advised on supplier relations such as identifying strong suppliers and managing the process to ensure smooth transactions as well as solving related issues as they come up. His expert knowledge of the food industry regulation and marketing has been a tremendous benefit to us. Jeem has been a valued member of our team for years. He is great to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone!”

Kate W.

Founder & Managing Director, Intertidal Strategies LLC.
“My small company was facing some big decision points and I wanted a business check-up. Jeem’s calm, thoughtful style got right to the heart of the issues and he helped me identify and answer the core questions I needed to answer to move ahead.”

Nak B.

CEO, Capture Cosmetics
“My business sales had stalled and COVID only compounded the problem. I had wasted too much time and money on marketing programs that produced frustration and poor results. Looking back, hiring Jeem was the best thing I’ve done for my company. Jeem and his team at Levo Business Advisors have helped me set up my financial system, understand and improve profitability, and put together a strategic plan to grow my business. They have provided the direction and knowledge to enable me to accomplish my goals. I’m also improving my marketing skills and am more confident that my company is tracking on a path to success. “

Marva S.

GM, Sunny Farms
“I can’t say enough about how much Jeem has done for me and the business. He is a consummate professional and has a great deal of entrepreneurial experience that has been very valuable to me. As my business advisor, his coaching has helped me to grow and helped boost my confidence to try new strategies to grow the business. He is still my first call when I work through any challenging issues. It’s great to have him on our team.”

Rieko K.

Founder, Calm Bodyworks

“As a new business owner, there were many steps to take and obstacles to overcome. Jeem helped me through many of these steps. He guided me through creating my business plan and then renewed my website to match my mission and vision. I especially love the Q and A sections on my website. It really signifies why I choose to devote my time and energy to this business. My clients love the website, too, as it’s now very easy to book services directly with me online.

I look forward to experiencing what more blessings his further guidance will bring to my business.”


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